Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Welcome to Condo Crisis Camp

At the ICA we believe that best way to deal with the many issues facing Condominiums, particularly with regards with the pending melt down caused by Fannie Mae recertification of every condominium in the United States is to start a Crisis Camp.

For those unfamiliar it is the collaborative structure that is now being used to work on issues  the size of Haiti, Pakistan and the Gulf Oil spill. A CrisisCamps  model uses open source, cloud based collaborative effort between the government agencies that have responsibilities in a give area, NOG & Nonprofit, plus something that really didn't exist before crowd sourcing that bring out the Citizen2.O types to help solve a problem.

The only way anyone is going to get a handle on the size and scope of this Condominium issues to start digging into it and a CondoCrisisCamp is the best model with which to do it.   We look forward to working with those that offer to show up.

Special thanks to corporate partners, CPWI, Inc and Hastatus, LLC, 

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